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A few months ago on Instagram, I posted my favorite resources.  I spend about an hour every morning looking at several websites and Instagram feeds to see what’s new and hopefully gain knowledge.  Some of the websites I have listed require payment to see some of the information, but all have at least some content that is free.  The list also includes some very knowledgeable people on Instagram that I feel influence and share good building science information.  Lets get the list started.

  1.  Building Science  My go to for building science information, and the site is free.  New postings on the building science insights discussion every few months by Dr Joseph Lstiburek.
  2.  The website releases new content Monday through Friday and has a discussion forum for the new content along with a questions and answer forum.  This website is a sister site of Fine Homebuilding.
  3. Fine  This is both a print magazine and website dedicated to homebuilding.  I purchased my first magazine way back in 1993.  They have been around since the early 1980’s.  Caters to both the homeowner and contractor.
  4. The Journal of Light  Another print magazine that has a good website and another publication that has been around for years.  Geared more for contractors, but homeowners can also get great info at their website.
  5.  The Build Show  This website was started by Matt Risinger, who is on this list a couple times.  Matt has both this website and his YouTube channel.  The difference being the Build Show Network features several other contractors and an architect all discussing construction and building science.  Probably my favorite current resource.
  6.  Peter Yost  Peter is one of the first national building science speakers I had the opportunity to see in person.  Fun, very knowledgeable speaker.  His website has several posts that also appear at the GreenBuildingAdvisor’s site.
  7.  Construction  A live construction training destination in Colorado with three very smart building science guys, Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson and Gord Cooke.  Lots of videos and PDF’s showing construction details.
  8. The Energy  A great site discussing heating, cooling and ventilation topics with some building science thrown in.  Allison Bailes, who writes the blog, also appears at both the GreenBuildingAdvisor and JLC websites.  Allison is also on my bucket list of speakers I would like to see in person.
  9. Midwest Energy  This website is dedicated to the latest news regarding energy.  You can limit the site regionally or view news from the entire country.  A great resource for current energy news.

And now for my Instagram list.  These are some of the best building science people on IG.  I did not include people who work for manufacturers of building components.  My list would triple if I included all of them.

  1. buildingsciencefightclub-Christina Williams  The daughter of Dr. Joseph Lstiburek of Building Science Corp.  One very smart lady with great information.  She posts about once per week.
  2. mike_guertin-I’ve been following Mike since I started Instagram back in 2018.  Part building science, part building code, one of the most educational people on IG.
  3. risingerbuild-Matt Risinger  On the list above for the Build Show Network, his IG account has quality info nearly every day.
  4. stevenbaczekarchitect-Steven Baczek  A Boston architect who designs homes for several different parts of the country.  One of his articles at the JLC website was the inspiration for the concrete-less slab on grade home.  Also part of the Build Show Network.
  5. jake.bruton-Another contributor to the Build Show Network.  Posts usually at least once per day about some of his current projects.
  6. michaelmaines-A designer and building expert from where?  Maine!  One of the co-founders of the Pretty Good House and who helped me start my local chapter of BS+Beer.
  7. benbogie-I met Ben at The Fine Homebuilding Summit in the fall of 2019 and again at the International Builder’s Show 2020.  Fun presenter live and very knowledgeable about building science and double stud wall construction.
  8.  WKP_construction-Wade Paquin  A builder in the Rhode Island area of some very impressive homes and another contributor to the Build Show Network.
  9. qualistat_buildings-A very cool building science and building diagnostic site.  He hasn’t posted much lately, hopefully will see more of him in the future.
  10. mottramarch-Emily Mottram  An architect, building science geek and podcaster from Maine.
  11. oabuilds-Michael Anschel  A Minnesota builder with an eye for detail and a ton of building science knowledge.

More than half this list is from the New England area, not sure why, but so much of the building science info comes out of New England.

Well, that’s my short list of where I get a lot of my current information regarding building science.  Of course there’s so many more people and companies providing good building science info, wish I could have listed all of them. Hopefully there are a few people on this list you haven’t heard of or follow.  Check them out.

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