Construction Design-Rain Screen

When I was building full time, one of the common requests homeowners often had for me was no maintenance siding.  Of course, there is no such thing as “no maintenance”, but there are some products that require less.  The siding materials that require the most maintenance are wood sidings that are painted or stained.  The best way to keep wood looking good and reduce how often a finish needs to be re-applied is by keeping it dry or to promote rapid drying if it should become wet.  A way to promote drying is to install a rain screen, which is what this weeks blog is all about. Continue reading “Construction Design-Rain Screen”

Construction Design-Flood Prevention

Last summer I was working on a remodeling project when a water line connected to a water treatment system under a kitchen sink decided to come loose. I had just completed 3 weeks of work in the basement area directly under the kitchen, the resulting water damage erased 2 of the 3 weeks. All this happened over the July 4 week, as a matter of fact, I was enjoying the day fishing when I found out about the damage, holiday ruined. Continue reading “Construction Design-Flood Prevention”