Shorts-If Cars Were Built Like Houses

I saw this video several years ago when I first leaned of Corbett Lunsford.  Shortly after, I purchased his book, Home Performance Diagnostics, a book on different testing methods for evaluating a home’s performance.  You can check out Corbett’s YouTube channel here, (1171) Home Performance – YouTube

The video struck a nerve with me, there are so many rural homes built in my area that have no inspections or performance testing conducted, they really are like the video.  If you are a homeowner, ask the contractor for performance testing, and if you are a contractor, find someone in your area to partner with, they may help to make you a better builder.

Shorts-Attached Structures Outside the Air Control Layer and Blower Door Testing

Whether you are performing blower door testing or hiring someone to perform the test for you, it’s a good idea to understand how a home should be setup for the test.  Should a door be open or closed?  What can be sealed off?  How to address rooms attached to the house but are outside the air control layer?  That’s today’s topic, attached garages and three season porches.  How should those spaces be setup for a blower door test?

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Shorts-Climate Zone and Heating Degree Days

I have a confession to make, but you will have to read this blog post before you’ll know what that is.

I woke up this morning to a very cold temperature.  Nowhere near the coldest I’ve ever experienced, which was right around -50°F.  (I remember that stretch of weather back in 1996, Minnesota set its all-time low temp about an hour away from where I live, that temp was -60°F.)  This got me thinking about the climate zone I live in and heating degree days.

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Shorts-Tape Test, Part 2

A few days ago, I posted a test about the cold weather application of construction tapes.  A few of the tapes performed well, but most I expected more from.  Many of these tapes aren’t cheap, some are downright expensive.  I thought a second, quick test was needed at a more normal application temperature (68°F) compared to installations in cold weather.  Here’s what I found.

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Shorts-If They’re Not Asking, And You’re Not Telling, Somebody’s Assuming

I was recently teaching a continuing education class on energy code, the class was attended by about 100 general contractors.  We covered a lot of information about energy and building science, one of the topics I discussed, and was hoping every contractor there would remember, was the topic; who is responsible?

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Shorts-Fine Homebuilding Magazine Content

Several of the posts on my blog were first published on the website Green Building Advisor.  I’ve enjoyed writing for them, but my hope has been to get an article in their sister publication, Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  In issue #304, December 2021/January 2022, that finally happened.  Funny thing is, I didn’t get just one article published, I have two plus a tool review, oh, and I’m on the cover.

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