Northern Built Pro’s Top 5 Blog Posts for 2023

Happy New Year!  2023 was a good year for the Northern Built Pro website with 45 new blog posts, many first appearing on the Green Building Advisor website, and some that ended up in a couple trade magazines, Fine HomeBuilding and Journal of Light Construction.  I wrote a few that were directly for manufacturers of building materials, including Rockwool, Andersen Windows and Doors and Sashco.  I am looking forward to partnering with a few additional manufacturers in 2024.  A teaser to one that I am currently writing an article about, TimberHP.

These are the top 5 blog posts that were written and published in 2023.

5.  The Diminishing Return of Insulation

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NorthernBuiltPro now on YouTube

The NorthernBuiltPro YouTube channel is live.  (It has been for a while, but now we are producing some YouTube only content.)  The blog will continue as it has but watch for additional content on YouTube and please hit that subscribe button.

Northern Built – An Introduction

Hi, my name is Randy Williams, welcome to my first ever blog post.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about and working in the construction industry. I started in 1996 as an apprentice electrician working for my brother before becoming a state licensed journeyman electrician in 2000. In the late 1990’s, I helped my father, who had built several homes and commercial buildings for himself, start a new home for his sister. In 2005, my dad, brother and I started a company called Willcon Inc, short for Williams Construction. We officially became a licensed building contractor. I learned a lot about the construction industry in those first few years.

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