Shorts-A New Category

I’m starting a new category of blog posts called “Shorts”.  Topics will vary based on something I’m currently working on or thinking about, but the topic doesn’t require a full blog post, at least not yet.

This first short is a quick design I sketched up recently dealing with what’s hopefully a future project, a high performance post and frame building.  This short post will, with a little luck, become a much larger article showing many details of how to increase the energy efficiency of a “pole barn” or post and frame building.

I’ve had the opportunity to construct several post and frame structures, many had drilled posts sunk several feet in the ground, some were built on a slab.  This design will feature a cast in place bracket attached to a frost protected concrete slab.  The post is used to support a 6 x 6 laminated post installed on eight foot centers which will become the structure of the building.  2x wall girts installed horizontally are then fastened on two foot centers to the 6 x 6 post.  These wall girts become the fastening point for the corrugated steel panels that act as the skin of the structure.  So, how do we air seal on the exterior a building without a solid sheeting?  A really tough, mechanically attached WRB.  Stay tuned!

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