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Several of the posts on my blog were first published on the website Green Building Advisor.  I’ve enjoyed writing for them, but my hope has been to get an article in their sister publication, Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  In issue #304, December 2021/January 2022, that finally happened.  Funny thing is, I didn’t get just one article published, I have two plus a tool review, oh, and I’m on the cover.

The topics of the two articles; a comprehensive piece on blower door testing and conditioned, attached garages.  I first wrote about that topic back in 2020, read the original article here.  The tool review is the Smoke Puffer manufactured by The Energy Conservatory.  It’s a combination of a turkey baster and e-cigarette which I’ve also written about, find that post here

I have to thank the editorial team at Fine Homebuilding, they took what I wrote and brought it to the next level.  A very fun team to work with.  Thanks to Travis Brungardt for his talents behind the camera.  He took many of the photos for the blower door article.  The photos were shot at one of Travis’s new home builds, #thehouseinthewoods.  If you don’t know Travis, he, along with Joe Cook, are the owners of Catalyst Construction.  Travis is also a co-host of the BS and Beer Show.  You can follow them on Instagram @catalystbuilt and @bs_and_beer_show

At the time of this writing, November 25, 2021, the magazine should be available soon where ever Fine HomeBuilding Magazines are sold and you can also read the December/January, addition, #304 on their website.  You can find some of my other posts on the Green Building Advisor site:


6 Replies to “Shorts-Fine Homebuilding Magazine Content”

  1. Randy,

    Your feature in Fine Homebuilding is well deserved. I have learned more about cold climate construction from you in the last couple years than from all others in the previous decade. Thank you for all of your effort, I have sent many links to your great building blog

  2. Haven’t received the copy yet, but I am prescribed to both Fine Home Building and the Advisor. I stumbled upon your blogs a month or more ago and have enjoyed them tremendously. Very few entities are really discussing the end game and the whole enchilada but you are! Thanks!

  3. Just wanted to offer our belated congratulations and thanks for the tremendous article in Fine Home Building.

    It means a lot to us to see you – as a builder – educating others on the value of building science, air tightness testing, and finding and fixing the leaks. You are delivering better built environments that are healthier, more efficient, more comfortable and more durable.

    Thanks for the work you do, Randy!

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