Shorts-Tape Test, Part 2

A few days ago, I posted a test about the cold weather application of construction tapes.  A few of the tapes performed well, but most I expected more from.  Many of these tapes aren’t cheap, some are downright expensive.  I thought a second, quick test was needed at a more normal application temperature (68°F) compared to installations in cold weather.  Here’s what I found.

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Construction Materials-Construction Tapes-Cold Weather Testing

In 1845, a surgeon figured out if he used a little adhesive on a piece of cloth, a “bandage” could be used for wound care, the first tape was invented.  Through the 1900’s, the evolution of tapes continued.  1925 saw the development of masking tape used in painting. In the 1930’s, scotch tape was invented.  This clear tape was hugely popular and had many uses. Water resistant duct tape was invented during World War II, originally designed to seal military ammunition cases.  More recently, the tape evolution has exploded into the construction industry.

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