Construction Design-Randy’s Dream Design

Guess what?  I just won the lottery!  (Not really, but for the purpose of this blog, let’s pretend.)  I’m looking to build myself a new home.  I have choices.  I could build a McMansion with plenty of space I don’t need and will never use.  I could concentrate only on the interior finishes and how the house looks.  If you’ve ever read my blog, you already know what direction I’ll take.  The house won’t be big, a couple thousand square feet is plenty for me, maybe a rambler with a second story over part of it built on a slab, no basement or crawlspace.  Being a BS* guy, I would make an invest in the stuff that is hidden, those pesky control layers I often talk about.  It would be based on the Pretty Good House concept. Continue reading “Construction Design-Randy’s Dream Design”

Construction Materials-Electrical Overcurrent Protection

As some of you know, I hold a journeyman’s electrician license in the state of Minnesota.  During my trip to the International Builders Show recently, one of the most interesting new products I saw happened to be a new type of circuit breaker.  I know, exciting!  Actually, this new technology goes well beyond protecting some electrical circuit or piece of equipment. Continue reading “Construction Materials-Electrical Overcurrent Protection”