Building Diagnostic-Service Panel Corrosion

The following post is a copy of the report I sent to the owners of this home having severe corrosion of their electrical service panels.

I was asked to investigate the source of corrosion and rust in the electrical service panels for a couple living in Northern Minnesota.  The original service panels were replaced in 2022.  Deterioration of the replacements has warranted a third set of electrical panels. 

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Construction Design-Flood Prevention

Last summer I was working on a remodeling project when a water line connected to a water treatment system under a kitchen sink decided to come loose. I had just completed 3 weeks of work in the basement area directly under the kitchen, the resulting water damage erased 2 of the 3 weeks. All this happened over the July 4 week, as a matter of fact, I was enjoying the day fishing when I found out about the damage, holiday ruined. Continue reading “Construction Design-Flood Prevention”